IIITD Computer Security Club

Upcoming Events:

A list of upcoming events may be found here


d4rkc0de is the Computer Security Club at IIIT-D. We focus on several fields such as Cryptography, Web exploits, Binary exploits, Reverse Engineering, Forensics and a variety of related fields. Our aim is to widen the knowledge of security amongst students in India.


  1. HackCon: Our Flagship CTF event conducted once a year.
  2. n00b talks: These are weekly sessions for beginners
  3. pr0 talks: These are bi-weekly sessions for experienced people
  4. Hacking challenge: These are challeneges that take place once a month after sessions based on content covered in a particular session
  5. Monthly CTFs: We conduct monthly CTFs at IIIT-D.


The Club is open to all. Membership into the d4rkc0de CTF team is based on performances in CTFs conducted both on CTFtime and locally.